What You'll Learn

Route Map Boot Camp – Stage 1

A comprehensive workshop over a two-day period designed for busy business owners or senior managers to help them decide on which export opportunities to pick. When you enrol you will be sent membership and sign-on for the Institute of Leadership & Management and a guide on which of the online leadership courses to take before attending our 2-day workshop and allows you to use the post nominals for the Inst.LM.

You’ll leave with a Strategic Plan.

This two day intensive programme of activity with leave you with a working Strategic Plan. A plan that will be specific to your business and easy for you to build on as more information and ideas spring to mind. This will be an organic document that will be fit for purpose as a template for new markets once the first goal has been set.

As the days progress you will be working through major issues and finding real solutions not just theory. We’ll take business models and show you the relevance to your business and how to adapt them for international trade. Importantly, we’ll look at understanding how international sales works in the 21st century and how we can ensure a sustainable working relationship with your new clients.

The new way of exporting is not a direct sale but a way of collaborating so partners in new markets feel valued if it’s B2B and customers feel a loyalty if it’s B2C. There is no such thing as an average export and that means there is no one size fits all in export planning.

If you choose to work with other business owners you’ll benefit from seeing how they operate and grow a valuable support network outside your usual business sphere and if you decide to send your board and make it a team project you’ll benefit from the time away from the office finding out how this can work for you entire business.

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Be-prepared Boot Camp - Stage 2

Now you know where you’re going you need two very important days of preparation; Stage 2 day 1, leads you through a full reconnaissance of business landscape, potential help and pitfalls, partners and method of infiltration or routes to market. Stage 2 day 2, is a layman’s guide to the legal aspects of international trade from basic contract, Intellectual Property, Insurance and payment methods this is an ICC course.

You’ll leave with enough to get started.

The next 2 days of preparation includes a day of ICC accredited training on the legal aspects of international trade from a layman’s perspective and a day of market research to help them understand how to do business in a specific market. These days provide the business a great start in understanding any risks or issues they may need to cover.

Research into the regulations, compliance issues, packaging and possible non-tariff barriers and most importantly a look at the legal aspects of international trade under the ICC course will leave you with a template new market entry process to follow whenever it’s time to look at growing.

We’ll investigate trade tariffs and non-trade tariffs, regulatory alignment and how to look for the best partners. Researching and developing the next phase which is a thorough understanding of your intended market. Knowing you customer is more than a banking term it is now very much how we all need to work especially internationally when you need to make sure that you are culturally aware of your customers’ needs as well as technically.

Using new market data from our Doing Business with Market Access Series to support our work we will ensure that you leave with all the market intelligence you need to take you to the next stage of the planning process.

Tactical Action Plan

Full response mode all aspects from legal to physically moving the goods or people don’t forget you’ll still need to make different considerations. You’ll leave with a clear Tactical Plan.

Any new project needs a cunning plan to hold it together! And we specialise is preparing workable plans that support the desired programme of activity realistically, setting goals and measurements that will allow you to set budgets that support the full process of reaching a new market.

Without these working papers key strategic decisions remain on paper and on a shelf filed alongside accounts and legal papers for the business. A strategic business plan needs to be a well-worn document that all the departments and disciplines within your business use and adhere to. If programmes fail, it’s at this stage and to reach a new market needs this process to ensure the first sale is made.

We will help you develop a plan using all the research and work that you have compiled towards reaching your chosen market – it’s your new export market now all you have to do is DO IT!!

ICC UK BootCamps

Available through the International Chamber of Commerce UK, a full programme of BootCamps to help you with specific areas of concern. Each BootCamp is designed to help businesses to understand where the overarching risks in international trade sit and, once addressed, can lead to profitable trade and sustainable growth. To help explain these issues, wherever possible, we use anecdotal evidence and exercises to re-enforce the various legal aspects of international trade.

Detailed Tactics Briefings

Covering areas such as:

  • Customs procedures and basic practices
  • Rules of Origin
  • Harmonised codes
  • Import papers
  • Export papers
  • Export Controls
  • Market issues ……. Doing Business with…. 1 day business briefings …… market specific across the globe


Virtual Bootcamps

FROM £550 + VAT

Two Day intensive boot camp prices start from £550 including a comprehensive workbook and supporting papers - all you need to worry about is making sure you are ready to make decisions and concentrate on how to start in a new market.

ICC Virtual BootCamps

FROM £550 + VAT

1-day virtual workshops with access to interactive workbooks and 20% discounts on ICC publications.

Virtual Briefings & Consultancy

from £500 + VAT

Briefings depending on the complexity start at £500 and one-to-one consultancy £1500 per day (half days available – you achieve so much more from a one-to-one).

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