The Institute of Leadership & Management ( and are both passionate about harnessing the power of leadership to transform people and businesses for the better, here in the UK and internationally.

Our rationale behind working with the Institute is simple, the Export BootCamp instructors are experts in the practicalities of international trade, process is key success in this world of standards, regulations and research. However, our experience tells us that no matter how well prepared a business is – it’s the people that make it work. Internationally the interaction with people becomes accentuated which means that the individuals involved need to develop their leadership skills.

The importance of learning these skills either as a business or individually cannot be over emphasised. Working with the Institute helps employers and training providers to develop, assess and accredit leaders with the right blend of skills ready for a new export market.

Ideally, any new delegate should undertake the 5 values of the Institute assessments online to help prepare them for the task ahead – greeting change and managing it successfully are key to growing a new market.

As the global leadership professional body, we are proud to be working with the Institute of Leadership & Management as they develop more talented leaders than anyone else, ensuring the UK has the skills to make a real difference within their organisations and beyond.

The Institute:

  • The Institute of Leadership & Management is much more than a professional body. They combine years of research, knowledge and innovation to champion the leadership agenda for all.
  • Through their community of 30,000 members, and a reach of 30 million, the Institute works to improve leadership practice. All their products and services are backed by highly regarded research including the award-winning e-learning platform MyLeadership.
  • As a Charity, The Institute has been reinvesting profits to deliver their shared purpose for over 70 years. They are passionate about their mission to ‘inspire great leadership, everywhere’.

Institute of Leadership & Management provides external validation for the Export programme of activity.

Benefits of being Institute Approved:

  • Courses are mapped to MyLeadership online resources: Based on the 5 Dimensions and 49 Components
  • Confirmation of the appropriate grade of professional membership
  • Delegates can rest assured that the tutors are Institute Approved Tutor Members
  • Delegates will receive Studying Member access to the online learning resources for 12 months
  • On successful completion of the programme, learners receive a co-badged Certificate of Achievement and are upgraded immediately to professional membership (for the remainder of the 12-month period)
  • Free Tools - open access to Self-Awareness, Leadership Profile and Leadership Opportunities
  • Access to relevant and current leadership insight, keeping delegates up to date



£350 + VAT

1-day virtual workshops with access to interactive workbooks and 20% discounts on ICC publications.


Customs Clinics

first 30 mins free

A complete tailored support package, free of charge for the first 30 minutes.


from £750 + VAT

Bespoke consultancy (half days available) – you achieve so much more one-to-one.

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