ICC BootCamp 4

BootCamp 4

Finance & International Value Pricing

This Camp covers how to ensure any project you look at has considered the financial aspect of both the production and distribution costs involved in entering new markets. It will look at ROI calculations and how to set realistic timescales for the project. We will also take a look at how pricing can be set using both cost and price elasticity. Incorporating the elements of branding and how it can be used internationally to manage both position and price. Pricing needs to reflect the local and international taxes that your product may attract and most importantly, how embargoes may impact on the transit of your goods.

What will we cover?

Everything that you need to understand in relation to costing your shipments to risk assessment:

  1. Identifying and assessing export credit risk
  2. Sources of information
  3. Establishing a credit control policy
  4. Incoterms 2020®
  5. Methods of payment including Documentary Letters of Credit Documents & Bills for Collection
  6. Credit Insurance
  7. Bank Guarantees
  8. Foreign Exchange Risk

Essential Kit from ICC WBO Publications

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WTO & trade

  • Guide to Export/import
  • Fighting corruption
  • Ethics and compliance
  • UCP 600 insights
  • Int. C/O guidelines

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