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Available through the International Chamber of Commerce UK a full programme of BootCamps to help you with specific areas of concern. Each BootCamp is designed to help businesses to understand where the overarching risks in international trade sit and, once addressed, can lead to profitable trade and sustainable growth. To help explain these issues, wherever possible, we use anecdotal evidence and exercises to re-enforce the various legal aspects of international trade.

Who should attend:

Anyone, who is attempting to gain more traction with new global markets:

  • already export to the EU who want to extend to new markets;
  • wish to mitigate risks of single market businesses now outside the EU;
  • are within a supply chain and feel vulnerable;
  • only deal with the UK, recognise the potential but don’t know where to start.

Each BootCamp has been designed for those who have a little experience in international trade and the processes involved. It will assume a business level of understanding, but it is flexible enough to engage the occasional junior member of the team. It should be remembered that the programme is designed to support international sales and the legal aspects behind the decision-making processes needed to trade successfully.

The BootCamps will each take a day starting at 10:00 – 16:00 with a workbook and supporting reading notes to help navigate through the day. Expect to be asked to think about legal aspects in terms of your own business but not to share any sensitive details. Also expect to leave with a good understanding of what impact each legal aspect has on trading internationally and where to look for more information.

Below is an overview of what is covered on each one-day BootCamp:

BootCamp 1

A layman's guide to Legal Aspects of International Trade

BootCamp 2

International Trade Explained

BootCamp 3

Strategic Alliances / Joint Ventures / Franchises

BootCamp 4

Finance & International Value Pricing

BootCamp 5

Distribution, overseas operations & managing agents

5a. Distribution Channels & Contracts
5b. Managing Overseas Operations
5c. Managing Agents in Europe and Around the World


Virtual Bootcamps

FROM £550 + VAT

Two Day intensive boot camp prices start from £550 including a comprehensive workbook and supporting papers - all you need to worry about is making sure you are ready to make decisions and concentrate on how to start in a new market.

ICC Virtual BootCamps

FROM £550 + VAT

1-day virtual workshops with access to interactive workbooks and 20% discounts on ICC publications.

Virtual Briefings & Consultancy

from £500 + VAT

Briefings depending on the complexity start at £500 and one-to-one consultancy £1500 per day (half days available – you achieve so much more from a one-to-one).

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