ICC BootCamp 2

BootCamp 2

International Trade Explained

This training day will enable a business to ensure they understand the whole export process from quotation to receipt of payment. It will show you how world trade works and just how many contracts that you will be entering into, and at what stage the contract exists. We will take you through INCOTERMS 2020® and some ideas about how the new revision will impact on your business. Understand the links from successful negotiation to payment and the many barriers to making a profit which you can avoid. Finally, we’ll leave you confident about your processes and ready to make a profit.

What will we cover?

All the key issues behind setting a profitable export price and many selling points that get forgotten such as:

  1. How world trade works, WTO, excise duties, local taxes and preferential tariffs explained in context.
  2. Insurance and the terminology used in both marine and transport policies.
  3. Freight and using a freight forwarder explained supported by a glossary of terms used.
  4. The Export Process and how many contracts a company enters into, how to quote using INCOTERMS® and when they should be used.
  5. Barriers to making a profit and suggestions as to how to make the exporting profitable.

Essential Kit from ICC WBO Publications

These are offered exclusively from the ICC UK at a 20% discount when booking using EBC001 Promo code.

WTO & trade

  • Guide to Export/import
  • Fighting corruption
  • Ethics and compliance 
  • UCP 600 insights
  • Int. C/O guidelines
  • Int. mediation training role plays

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